Don’t say cheese, 3 tips to get natural smiles

When taking a family photograph most people have the urge to say the dreaded words ‘say cheese.’ The subjects of the photos then say ‘cheese’ and you end up with a photograph full of false smiles and oddly stretched out mouths. If you are looking to capture natural, beautiful smiles, one of the worst things […]

4 Common Photography Posing Mistakes and How to Solve Them

Portrait photographs can be hard to get right, as there is a fine line between a flattering and an unflattering pose. Here we will share four common photography posing mistakes and how to solve them in order to achieve beautiful photographs that your clients will be happy with.   1)    Awkward standing poses Unless the […]

Photographing children, why you should let them run around

One of the hardest aspects of portrait photography is getting children to sit still. Children have a tendency to want to move around and explore their surroundings. Anything that doesn’t involve sitting down with their family to pose for a portrait photo is a winner in their eyes! The best way to get around this […]

Key Benefits of Family Photography

In this modern age, it has become easier to get hold of a digital camera and even smartphones have high quality cameras which are capable of producing crisp and sharp images. Due to this, taking family pictures has become a lot more fun and easier. When compared to traditional film photography, digital family photography offers […]

Great places for family photos around Nottingham

Nottingham is known for the tales of Robin Hood and boasts many historic and architectural attractions, making it the perfect place to take your family photographs. Here we will share a few of our favourite places for family photos in and around Nottingham.   White Post Farm If you have a young family, one of […]

How to Get Your Camera Shy Children In Front Of the Camera

When we want to create memories of our family or children we will usually have pictures done.  If you have a child that becomes shy around a camera it makes it hard to have a nice picture done.  How do you think a photographer can accomplish this hard task? Shy Children When it comes to […]

How to improve your photography quickly

Along with my photography business I run a photography project offering workshops and clubs to young people aged 8 to 18 through school and holiday clubs. One of the things I notice is how quickly they learn and how they experiment with the camera settings.  Their experiments with the camera sometimes lead to mistakes but, […]

How to improve your family photos

There is no better way to get great photos of your family, than to visit a White Cloud studio or have a White Cloud photographer come to you.  But what if you don’t have access to a professional photographic studio or studio lighting? Can you still get good pictures of your loved ones? The answer […]

The Purpose of Photography

One of the questions that I am asked often is: What is the point of photography? As a creative worker and photographer, my answer is always the same: Although photography might be regarded as an art form, its purpose involves communication and pictures are one of the quickest methods to convey something – whether it […]